Located just steps away from the hustle and bustle of Grand Central Station, our practice is a haven of tranquility for any patient who wants world class dentistry that feels great, looks stunningly natural and lasts.
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Our practice is dedicated to you having the best possible dental experience and receiving exceptional dental care. Almost everyone has a story to tell about his or her health history and past dental experiences. The more we know about you as a person, the better we can serve you. We invest a significant amount of time listening to your concerns and discussing the issues that are important to you. We want you to feel confident that we are here to answer your questions and work in partnership with you in achieving your goals for health. With the latest technology we can help you see what we see and understand what is possible. We will help you create a plan aimed at your goals and designed to fit your budget. We are passionate about learning and through advanced clinical training we are able to solve even the most complex problems. We work with specialists in implant dentistry. If you have lost teeth or are no longer able to chew the foods you enjoy most, we can help you. If you are experiencing chronic jaw pain, our extensive training in treating TMJ will allow us to relieve your discomfort and stabilize your bite. we have always been attracted to the artistic side of dentistry. If you lack confidence in your smile, there is nothing more gratifying than creating a beautiful natural and long-lasting smile. We are here to make a positive difference in your life. Dr. Cournot, our dedicated team of dental professionals and I are committed to serving you in a way that you value and appreciate. Whether it’s our administrative team or our clinical team, you are in the best handsWe welcome you to give us a call and arrange a time to meet us and begin your journey toward health.