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I have been a client for about 30 years and have recommended Dr. Cournot to many family members and friends. Perfect experience every time: state-of-the-art, spotlessly clean facilities, plus kindness, gentleness and compassion. There can be no better dental practice!

Ruth S

The staff is always so warm and caring. I always feel comfortable that the staff will make the right decisions and give me the best care possible!

Caitlin C

Debra is always great and Dr. Lee was also good at explaining why I should not be terrified of getting a crown. But I still am. and am in denial that I need one.

Jill M

Wonderful office as always. Dr. Lee is a great addition to the team.


Thank you SO MUCH. After a long-deferred oral hygiene visit, I expected some issues. Deb was thorough and upbeat in spite of it all, and gave me both empathy and hope (both priceless). The office was peaceful, Jennifer and Dr Lee were warm and helpful. I'm looking forward to a better checkup in 3 months. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Evelyn R

They went through the entire treatment process and made me feel comfortable the whole time. Dr. Lee and her assistant provided not only wonderful service, but also were courteous. I would recommend Dr. Cournot and Lee to anyone.

Ellen P

I am new to this practice and so far I am very impressed with the care, interest, knowledge and enthusiasm of everyone on the team.


You guys are always the best!

Spencer R

The experience could not have been any better!

Barbara B

Amazing experience as always. Could not recommend Jenny and her team more. As someone who was fairly traumatised by dentists, Jenny has made the whole experience so calm and even pleasant!

Ruth C

Jenny, Thank you for the excellent work and care.


If you want top notch dental care with friendly staff this is the place for you!! I've never been disappointed in the 20 years I've been going here! Highly recommend

Kathy M

I always receive top notch service and care. No other practice like Dr.'s Cournot & Lee and team!

Jackie H

It took less time than i expected and was not traumatic at all. Dr. Lee is great.


Just had my semi annual cleaning with Debra - as always, my teeth are gleaming. There is no hygenist like her! The best.

Amy K

Every care and attention is made to make the patient comfortable. I really appreciate that. The patient's welfare is always paramount and every decision is taken in consultation to ensure I am clear what is being proposed.

Richard T

Courteous, efficient staff and excellent dentist. Goes to out of her way to understand patients needs and perspectives and is thorough in her explanations.

Rodney W

Everything went well, as I have come to expect with Colleen Cournot (I have been a patient since the late '80's). Anaesthesia was sensibly (and sensitively) used, and was effective, and also wore off by early afternoon. The procedures being done were first carefully explained, and then executed efficiently. Now, 36 hours later, I have no aftereffects, and am pleased with the work.

Peter B

As usual, Dr. Lee was eminently professional, taking care of my tooth bonding quickly and well. Additionally, her 'bedside manner' is the best I've ever encountered. I very strongly recommend Cournot and Lee DDS.


Very kind and thoughtful as well as excellent dentists.

Dixie G

I have been a patient for over ten years and I continue to be pleased with the professionalism and skill of Drs. Cournot and Lee and their very competent staff.

Kathleen S

No pain, like nothing happened.

Dan B

Dr Cournot, and now also Dr Lee, has been my dentist for 17 years, and I feel extremely fortunate. The level of care they provide is phenomenal. Everyone in the office is thoughtful and considerate, and the quality of discussion surrounding the care and treatment of my teeth is both academic and nurturing. I've felt comfortable there since my first visit in 1997.

Peter J

A wonderful experience. A kind and caring staff of wonderful professionals.

Julie V

The moment I enter the office I know I'm in the best possible professional hands. Reception is always welcoming. Dr. Cournot has many years of experience and continues to learn current practices through ongoing professional development. My dental care has gone from merely adequate to superior.

Andrea R

Hate the dentist. Love coming here!!

Caroline C

I broke a chunk off of my tooth while eating popcorn on Thursday evening, and I was amazed when Dr. Lee offered me an appointment at 5:00 PM on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. I was even more amazed that she took the time to put in a temporary crown for me, on the spot! Her commitment to caring for her patients and her level of kindness, from the day that I met her until now, are both simply "off the charts."

Marcia W

As usual, a day at the spa for my teeth.

Diane T

As always, an excellent experience with Dr. Lee and her team. Levels above any other dentist I have seen and a truly progressive dentist.

Amr S

Great people, great care.


I feel well cared for by Dr Lee, Deb Castro and all their support partners.

Kimberly S

I've been seeing her for 14 years and I can't imagine going to any other dentist. Dr. Cournot is just amazing.

Caroline M

A pleasure to visit the office as always. Wonderful staff, just lovely.

Isabel D

Everyone is really friendly, and takes the time to make sure you're comfortable with everything. On my first visit, they did a very thorough check of my mouth, and emailed me a report of everything after explaining it to me. The ladies in the front are always smiling and make me feel welcome. Dr. Cournot and Dr. Lee seem genuinely interested in helping me heal my TMJ, and I feel confident that they will do everything in their power.

Casey D

Excellent care

Michael H

Professional, Caring and competent care given by Debra Castro. Thank you Debra. Also thank you for the dental info you impart during the session. You are a great teacher.

Elizabeth K

The office had experienced an overnight flood and the phone system was out, but that did not interfere with my 9:00 AM Monday appointment! Congratulations.


Excellent service and great attention to my needs. I felt completely confident that I was in more than capable hands. Thank you Dr. Lee!


I have never had a dentist (or any doctor for that matter) perform such a thorough evaluation of my dental health than Dr Cournot - she has set the standard at the highest level possible. I am more aware of my 'dental state' than I ever have been after a lifetime of visiting dentists who basically take xrays and have their hygienists do cleanings. Dr Cournot has taken the art of dentistry to a completely new level and her staff could not be better in terms of balancing professionalism with personal attention. I was recommended to her by a friend of a friend and if 'word of mouth' is any indicator for a dentist, she has surpassed any and all expectations!!

Thalia L

The appointment with Debra is always a good visit and was especially good this time since my gums are not in bad shape for once! Dr. Lee's check up also went well, and we enjoyed a few laughs too!

Jill M

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Dr. Cournot. I have been her patient for over 15 years and I have nothing but great things to say about her. She and her team are fantastic and I will continue to recommend her without any reservations.

Pierre B

As always, Dr. Lee and Dr. Cournot provide the highest quality dentistry--they are amazing!

Jill J

I got the "the sand blaster" power remover treatment for a not-too-deep-cavity. It was painless and didn't need novacaine. Great dentist visit. Love Dr. Lee and Dr. Cournot.

Bella B

Everyone in this office is 1) the best I've seen at their particular job, from receptionist to dental hygienist (did I spell that correctly, Debra?) to dentist, and 2) they are genuinely concerned about the health and happiness of the patient. It would be wonderful if every professional were as conscientious as all of these people are. If I liked opera enough to go and I saw an opera about this office, I'd jump up at the last chord and yell "BRAVO!"

Gerald L

The office as a whole is very friendly, caring and professional. Dr. Cournot takes her time in explaining everything in detail, and answering all questions, which I appreciate immensely.

Yvonne T

Since I spend more time with my dental hygienist and the 'receptionist', I'll focus my review on Debra and Jennifer. I *always* like going to see Debra, the Dental Hygienist! She's pleasant, has a great sense of humor, is open to other perspectives, and she takes the time to really find out what's been going on in my life in order to ascertain my dental health. Whether it's because she takes good notes or she's been blessed with a great memory, I always feel as if she remembers our previous conversation. Jennifer, the lovely and warm woman who greets you at the front door is refreshingly candid and down-to-earth. She sets the tone for my visit by accepting me where I am when I arrives (which is often cranky). In a time when it would be much cheaper to see another dentist and her team, I feel as if I am definitely getting my money's worth when I go to see the team at Cournot and Lee DDS!

Lourdes F

I love going to the dentist. I think that says it all. The environment is friendly and fun. The people who work there all enjoy their job and the work is excellent. The team at Cournot and Lee is thorough, detailed and they always have time to talk to you and discuss the best approach to keeping your teeth in the best shape possible. You never feel rushed through. All round a great experience.


My husband and I LOVE Dr. Cournot and Dr. Lee. They are two unique and brilliant people. We will always come to them even if we were to move across the country!

Jackie H

Please use me as a reference! I've been so pleased for these last 25 years...never disappointed.

Catherine W

Great! Dr. Lee is a very thorough and empathetic dentist. She does a great job.

MaryAnn S

Warm, Professional ,Caring, environment. This practice is truly an example of what every patient care setting should be.

Elizabeth K

Dr. Cournot's skill is unmatched and her caring approach is shared by her entire staff. Professionalism, courtesy, and warmth are the watchwords here, shared by everyone including receptionist, assistants, technicians, dental hygienist, and, of course, Dr. Cournot's associate, Dr. Lee. The equipment and techniques are up-to-date, the office is spotless, and everything possible is done to make the patient comfortable. I have been Dr. Cournot's patient for more than twenty years, and she has taken care of my two grown-up grandsons since they were little.

Janet F

Of all my years going to a dentist, I have never met one as friendly and sweet as Dr. Cournot. Not only that, but I was very impressed with her professionalism. She patiently walked me through and explained everything she was doing and answered all my questions in a way that I, a layman, understood easily. Her staff is also super friendly and willing to work with you and your insurance company to make sure you're covered as much as possible. I will be back.

Joshua K

Dr. Cournot and her team is fantastic. They make the experience very pleasant, educational, and positive. Thank you very much.

Howard L

The excellent care and time given to do a perfect job is always appreciated. Debra Castro reigns supreme. I always feel as though I've had the most thorough cleaning in the universe. The front office staff, Jennifer and Delilah, are helpful and accommodating. Dr. Cournot is gentle, kind, and professional. I am fortunate to have found such an outstanding dental practice.

Andrea R

I think being a patient of Dr. Cournot for 25 years is a simple proof of how great dentist she is. Thank you Dr. Cournot for taking care of me all of those years. Great staff and wonderful environment

Samy E

Dr. Cournot has been my dentist for the last 23 years, and I've never had a bad experience. She and everyone at her practice are always calm, reassuring, and skilled at what they do. I would recommend her to anyone who asks.

Benjamin L

Amazing, I've found my new dentist.

Matthew S

There are no other dentists in the city in whose care I would voluntarily put myself. Drs. Cournot and Lee are conscientious, caring, and extremely good at what they do.


I found the appointment to be informative and relaxing. As a person who is highly apprehensive about the whole dental experience, I was blown away but the attentive, kind nature of the intake. I also learned so much about my own behavior that I hadn't considered before that is directly impacting my dental health. Wonderful experience. Looking forward to my cleaning! :-)

Barbara M

It's like going to visit good friends. I began seeing Dr. Cournot 12+ years ago, and during the early years required a lot of dental care and repair. She and her staff are unfailingly kind, caring, and considerate, from Jennifer at the desk, who admires pictures of my grandkids -- to Deb, who always makes me laugh -- to Dr. Lee, who performed a procedure when Dr Cournot had a broken arm -- and all the dental assistants who've worked with them. They've been supportive cheerleaders, instructing and encouraging better home care, and delighting with me now that I've reached maintenance level. I can't imagine a better experience. Dr. Cournot has created an exemplary practice, and I'm grateful to be one of her patients.

Jane R

I have had a pretty eventful life when it comes to dentistry; all of it spent here in New York City where the best of most professions come to work. I have known three great dentists. One took care of my two year old daughter and the other two work here. I have recommended Dr. Cournot and Dr. Lee to all my friends and will again if I make a new friend. If I'd known them when my daughter was two, my list of great dentists would number only them.

William S

Extraordinary professionalism by Debra and Dr. Lee--Debra's careful routine cleaning and observing and Dr. Lee's thorough routine examination. I always learn something at each visit and value the consistent, personal caring.

Marjory D

As always I was seen right on time, treated with utter professionalism and everything was explained to me thoroughly. I wish more doctors would take a page from Dr Cournot's approach.

May A

Had another great hygiene visit with Debra! She took the time to help me figure out a maintenance plan at home that would work for my habits and lifestyle. She was creative in coming up with ways that would help me find a routine that I would not only stick but that I would actually like doing! Also thanks to Jenn for always making me feel like I'm at home whenever I visit! And CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Lee on your Top Dentists Under 40 nomination. So proud to have you as my dentist!!!!

Marice M

I recently had my first appointment with Dr. Lee after being a patient of Dr. Cournot's for several years. It was a very positive experience (or as positive as you can expect for a 2-surface filling on one tooth and a minor procedure on an adjacent tooth!). I can totally see why Dr. Cournot decided Dr. Lee is a good fit for this practice. Both are excellent dentists, perfectionists, and exceptionally considerate of patient comfort. The office administrator, hygienist and dental assistants are also outstanding. I highly recommend this practice.


Painless. Which, I think, is the best thing you can say about a dental visit.

Kevin D

I love visiting your offices. I feel like I am visiting family. Plus, every time I visit I learn something new about my teeth and how to take care of them. Dr. Lee and Dr. Cournot always take the time to explain to me everything issue I have and what they are looking for and doing when they examine my mouth. I feel safe, respected and informed.

Elizabeth K

Everyone wants to be cared for by the best doctor. Dr. Lee has all the commonly sought qualities. She renders her expertise in dentistry with thoroughness, sensitivity, and an inclination toward perfection. It is easy to feel that Dr. Lee is giving you her best to care for you. For instance, Dr. Lee always carefully checks my bite for the health of my front teeth. She does not simply make a crown. She always checks and removes the bacteria under the gums before the crown goes in. As I have listened to Dr. Lee explain to her assistant why she worked on the teeth a specific way, I have always been impressed by her skill and technique. Through experience I have learned how oral health can have a direct impact to the overall health of a person. Dr. Lee understands this and likes to work with her patients on that. - Sept. 2013                                                                             Doctors are the best of their medical field. They practice dentistry with passion and give a lot of thought into the best comprehensive care of your teeth. They are also very up to date with the dentistry technology. Moreover, they also practice dentistry with genuinely concern of patient's well-being. They make going to the dentist almost a treat . The way which they care about your dental and overall health is motivating and makes one feel that he/she should do better to care for his/her health too. - May 2012

Ailun C

Dr Cournot is exceptionally skilled, her assistants have a high awareness of patients' needs, and her desk is super efficient! I have always been very happy with my experience with Drs. Cournot and Lee, whether it's a routine visit or a complex procedure. Dr Cournot even met me at her office on a weekend to fix a crown that had popped off -- this was beyond all expectations, and I really appreciate her dedication and kindness!

Lauren L

As always, I had a very satisfactory visit to the office of Drs. Cournot and Lee. Debra gave me an excellent cleaning and I am always happy to see the rest of the staff.

Kathleen S

Words cannot describe how pleasant my visit was. It was truly amazing!

Bertha C

Dr. Lee and the entire staff were so kind, nurturing and thorough and it made my first visit wonderful! Thank you!!


As always, Dr. Cournot and her staff were wonderfully nice, considerate, and professional. I can't imagine a better dentist.  


I have been searching for a great family dentist in Manhattan. My best friend, a hygienist in FL, said I need to find a Pankey-trained dentist and gave me a list of people to try. I went to visit Dr. Lee and immediately felt like I was in good hands, that she was trustworthy, a great listener and would only do what's best for me and health. I will definitely be recommending Dr. Lee and the practice.

Serena G

This was the most thorough initial exam I have ever had; I have used dentists for almost 40 years. The best part of the exam was how easy they made it for me to understand what they were checking and how they explained why things were a concern or not. I felt very comfortable with the team that helped me!!

Stefan G

Dr. Lee did an amazing job restoring my broken tooth. Kind, caring, compassionate, and pain free. What more could you ask for?

Barbara J

Finding a good and trustful dentist in a foreign place is never easy - in New York I did.

Andreas W

I always enjoy a visit to the office, even when my teeth are getting drilled. I am always in good hands with Dr Cournot and Dr Lee!


Basically painless and they look great. You guys are the best!

Margaret M

As usual, my experience was excellent. Debra is the Nobel Prize winner of dental hygienists. Dr. Cournot assured me that I will keep my teeth into old age. The reason she knows that is because there's not a surface that she hasn't examined and taken great care of. Thank you, ladies. You're the best.

Cara B

Highly competent, caring, accessible and professional.

Sandra P

Dr. Cournot is always so punctual. She fixed my chipped tooth with no pain and it looked perfect within an hour. She is always so warm and caring and professional.

Eliza W

Dr. Cournot and Dr. Lee are the rare experience in dentistry – one that patients can actually look forward to. Their clinical expertise is top notch and their "chair side manner" is warm and welcoming.

Kelly M

Good experience with Doctor Pastagia. She explained everything very well. The icepack was wrapped in a pleasant, lemon fragrance little towel. Only thing-- I wish I knew beforehand that it would not be easy to be at work afterward. It's too hard to use a keyboard and simultaneously hold (an) icepack to my cheek.

Lauren R

Visit with Dental Hygienist Debra Castro always a professional, productive, educational, comfortable experience. I consider Debra one of my most highly competent health care professionals, which keeps me coming back for my regularly scheduled Dental Hygiene visits.

Elizabeth K

Very very friendly service from meeting with the receptionists to leaving the office! Extremely detailed and thorough exam. Dentist really took the time to address my cavity and made sure it was filled correctly


Dr. Cournot is awesome! A gentle, caring and kind professional. She and her trusted assistant Eileen did a great job on my filings. And it was pain free. I recommend her highly!

Barbara J

Dr. Lee has been my dentist for years. She is amazing. Great for basic cleanings, but also specializes in TMJ bite adjustments and is very talented with veneers. I get compliments on my teeth all the time.

Kristin L

As usual the level of care was the best possible. The office, from the moment of arrival, through treatment and departure, was welcoming, professional and caring.

David F

Dr. Lee is a gem. Very kind and thorough during my new patient consultation. She is very disarming and put me at ease. I was very fearful about finding a new dentist in a new city especially since I have a long history of unpleasant dental work. I'm looking forward to my next appt.

Ariele P

I had a great initial exam with Dr. Lee. She really took her time to thoroughly exam each tooth and to address all of my dental concerns. She later emailed me a detailed report of her findings and the recommended treatment. I definitely made the right choice in coming to Dr. Lee and couldn't recommend her highly enough!!

Julie P

I don't know anyone who LOVES going to the dentist, but I can't imagine a more caring and professional environment. I have never had anything other than a totally positive experience with the highest possible level of care.

Robert G

I've been coming to Dr Cournit's practice for over 12 years now. They are always professional, friendly and thorough. The 'bedside' manner of everyone there is especially well-suited to anyone with a slight doctor aversion, and I consider myself part of this group.


Serious compliments to hygienist Debra on her thorough, caring ways. She explained each step as she went along, always letting me know what was coming next and making certain that I was not in any pain. Never thought I would say this about a dental hygiene appointment, but I actually enjoyed the experience and I totally respect her work.

Lisa K

My visit to the Cournot/Lee Office was per usual very pleasant. Dr. Lee was thoughtful as always and made sure I was aware and comfortable with my course of treatment every step of the way. Even though my appointment wasn't with Dr. Cournot she made sure to inquire about how I was feeling. In fact I receive that level of person care from all the staff in the office. I actually look forward to my next visit.

Omar O

I have never been to any doctor's or dentist's office that makes me feel as important and well cared for as the office of Dr. Cournot and Dr. Lee. Not only are they professional with a very necessary personal, human touch, but they are funny, timely, practical, and compassionate!

Jordan R

The staff is always friendly and the dentistry is great! Dr. Cournot & Dr. Lee truly care about the well-being of their patients and the health of their teeth. They are knowledgeable and skilled in what they do - no dentist horror stories here!


The entire staff and doctors and assistants are amazingly compassionate and excellent at what they all do. I trust them because they have earned my trust and recommend the office without any hesitation whatsoever.

Lisa D

Since Dr. Cournot and Dr. Lee have been treating me, going to the dentist has become a positive experience with none of the anxiety normally associated with dental work. Debra, the hygienist, is careful, thorough, and gentle. Her instructions for dental hygiene have helped me to change my teeth and gums from disastrous to healthy and comfortable.

Andrea R

Because I've had bad dental experiences in the past I really loath having my regular check-ups, but I love Debra, the RDH at Cournot and Lee. She is such a warm, fun person and dedicated and thorough hygienist that she makes the appointment almost enjoyable! Debra has helped me through some major dental work and I now my check ups are mostly positive. I haven't had cavity in years!

Nancy S

I met and was treated by Dr. Lee in her Rockland NY office and was thrilled to have found such an expert in the field that was local. Dr. Lee left that practice and I basically tracked her down and found her at this office in NY, NY. It is well worth the trip to the city to be able to relax and know that I am in the most gentle, knowledgable and patient friendly hands. It is almost fun to go to the dentist now..seriously!! Dr. Lee's first exam is beyond comprehensive. She explains and checks in to be sure you are relaxed and comfortable every step of the way. I was introduced to her partner Dr. Cournot and their hygienist Debra came in to introduce herself as well. This is a first class office in my opinion and as someone who worked as a dental hygienist in Manhattan for many years I know a great practice when I see one. I am thrilled to be back with Dr. Lee.

Maria R

I have been a patient of Dr. Lee for about three years now. She is the most thorough dentist I have ever visited and takes great care of my teeth. The office staff is very efficient and the dental hygenist has taken extra time to help me improve my brushing technique. I highly recommend Dr. Lee as well as her partner Dr. Cournot.


Dr. Cournot and her staff gave me an early appointment, took me on time, thoroughly cared for my teeth, and sent me on my way. It was clear to me that their primary concern was for me -- both my dental health and fitting their care into my demanding work schedule. And they do it all with such kindness.

Paul L

I didn't wait long and was treated very well. The whole staff said hello and were quite friendly, and my cleaning was painless and professional. I appreciate the quick photos taken and explanations given of what's going on so that you are never in the dark. You feel surrounded by smart people with the best equipment and attitude.

Alexander K

I have been seeing Dr. Cournot for over ten years and she is the best dentist I have ever had. I recently saw Dr. Lee and she is similarly wonderful. They are meticulous, knowledgeable and genuinely nice and I feel that they really care about their patients. I cannot say enough good things about them.

Caroline M

I found Dr. Cournot's practice about 6 years ago when I knew I would need extensive bridge and crown work and I saw the exceptional work she had done for a friend. Her approach was terrific, taken in careful manner that allowed me to be comfortable and sure of every step, and the final results were outstanding. I felt so supported by the entire staff, who all took a personal interest and cheered the progress. Now in a more routine care situation, I continue to appreciate the extraordinary quality of professional care, the genuine supportiveness of all staff, responsiveness to my needs/concerns, and appointment promptness. An unbeatable team.

Rebecca W

I have NEVER had a bad experience with Dr. Cournot or Dr. Lee or their amazing staff! Been seeing them for 18 years and would NEVER trust anyone else with my oral health.                                                       They care so much about each and every patient... I've sent many friends to them who also have had great experiences. If you want or need the "A TEAM", this team is it!

Melissa S

Dr. Colleen Cournot has been my dentist for close to 25 years. I travel from Brooklyn to be with the best dental team and staff, which now includes Dr. Jenny Lee. I'm always treated with respect, compassion, the most gentle hands and friendly faces. I'm treated like family. And I have fun too! What more can I ask for. I'm pretty lucky to have such caring people take care of me. I Love Them!!

Bella B

Sometimes alas in the world of doctors and dentists one has to choose between high levels of competence and human warmth. The beauty of Cournot, Lee & Company is that if one is their patient one is lucky enough to find both: the highest levels of professional care, and a humor and kindness that's palpable from the moment you walk in the door. I've been walking in that door for almost thirty years now. Thank you, Cournot, Lee & Company; you make it possible to look forward to going to the dentist, imagine that.

Suzanne G

Dr. Lee & her staff are truly the most attentive and thorough dentist practice ever! I decided to go see her for a second opinion regarding the health of my gums, and boy was I happy I did. Not only did she give me a thorough examination to find out exactly what was going on, but she took the time to explain what she was doing and educated me about her findings throughout the whole exam. I left with a great sense of understanding of my total dental health. In addition, the next day I received a detailed report on what we had discussed, and some other findings that she discovered from my x-rays. Truly 5-stars!

Sonny H

Dr. Lee came in on a SATURDAY to see me when the office was closed, and I was a new patient. I was experiencing lockjaw and was pretty scared. She was incredibly kind, knowledgeable  sensitive, and generous with her time and energy. It was the best dentist experience I've had to date. Thanks again.

Carmen W

Cournot, Lee and staff have maintained my dental health for many years. This office runs like a well-oiled machine. The dentists and staff work as a team and the feeling is very collegial  All these women love what they do and it shows in their attitude. Patient comfort and satisfaction is primary here. Their use of modern technology is impressive. I recommend Cournot and Lee to anybody looking for state-of-the-art dental care.


"My dad and two uncles were dentists, so growing up, I got dental care from people I knew, respected and loved. Nevertheless, Dr. Cournot is the best dentist I have ever been to. Everyone in her office works to the highest standards of conscientious, sympathetic care. Dad, Hersh and Irv will understand, I'm sure." - Mar. 2012                                                                           "My experience at the Cournot and Lee office has always been the best. Yesterday, after waiting to come in for my appointment, I complimented Jennifer on her respectful and considerate dealings with patients on the phone and in person. I have always found Debra and Dr. Cournot to exemplify the very best in patient care. I respect and very much like them all! Though I have been Dr. Cournot's patient, I would not object to seeing Dr. Lee if it were necessary - she seems to have the same professionalism and congeniality of all the other people in the office. I am retired now but have, in the course of my career, managed small groups of people. I have never seen a group that adheres to such high standards of professional and interpersonal behavior as I see in your office. Congratulations! Now if I can get through the 2 implants Dr. Connolly has planned for me, I'll really be happy (don't worry - I have the greatest respect and liking for him too, but 2 implants will be a bit financially and existentially challenging). See you again soon, I forget when." - Jun. 2012                                                                                                                         "The office of Doctors Cournot and Lee always demonstrates the utmost in professionalism  expertise and concern for patients. My visit yesterday was no exception. They - everyone in the office - works to such a high standard and so apparently naturally, one leaves wondering what is wrong with the rest of the world." - Oct. 2012

Gerald L

Dr. Cournot has been my dentist for well over 20 years. I cannot say enough about the high level of care her office has always given to myself, my husband, my sons, and the many friends and family members I have referred over the years. No dental practice could be more careful, thorough, and up-to-date. I especially appreciate the conservative approach : no rushing to correct things which may never turn into problems. The care I receive here has influenced us to take better care of my teeth.

Ruth S

I went to Dr Cournot with a problematic cracked tooth/filling. I was impressed with the office's imaging technology: it was fast and the detail was astonishing, allowing several views of the tooth. The tooth needed special care and Dr Cournot kept me informed and reassured through the process. Her assistant, Eileen, was very kind and concerned with my comfort. I will never go to another dentist!! Thank you all for helping me.

Lauren L

I went to Dr. Lee yesterday mainly for my TMJ issue after reading a review from Yelp. I've been to a few dentist/orthodontist for my TMJ already, and so far, none have helped and I personally feel that none have spend enough time and energy to help me solve my issue. Dr. Lee was so thorough with my initial consultation. She asked me any and all questions that can possibility cause my TMJ. She is just great. The whole office staff was super friendly and kind. Obviously my TMJ issue have not been resolved yet since I just went in yesterday, but Dr. Lee gave me some instruction to follow until the next follow up. But I can definitely say that I am in good hands.

Manda C

Dr. Cournot and Dr. Lee are outstanding! I recently went to another dentist, but so happy that I found my way to this dental office. I am very fortunate to have found such wonderful dentists--and their staff are all equally as professional, compassionate and caring.

Jill J

"Dr. Lee is very professional and a good listener! I had a very pleasant experience in her office. She is a very honest doctor and knows what you really want. I highly recommend her to anybody who are looking for a great dentist." - Jan. 2013                                                                                   "All people here are so nice and professional!" - Feb. 2013                                                                                           "Dr. Lee is the best!!!!!!!!!" - Mar. 2013

Xue C

Jen was very friendly and made me feel comfortable on the phone and in person when I came in. She took her time answering my questions regarding my financial concerns and even offered several options including the option of payment plan when it was time to check out. Although it wasn't necessary, she was very attuned to any concerns I had. Deb was super friendly and so attentive and interested in our time together. Our interaction was engaging that it made me feel more relaxed and invested in my cleaning. She helped me understand my progress since my last appointment and offered attainable solutions to meet new goals in my prevention plan.

Marice M

As usual, my visit to Dr. Cournot's office went very well. The staff is very pleasant. Debra gave me a wonderful cleaning and Dr. Cournot gave me a thorough exam. I have been a patient for over eight years. I do not live or work in the city but I feel it is worth it to come into the city from Westchester in order to receive such wonderful dental care.

Kathleen S

Excellent visit. Love working with Debra, the hygienist and interaction with Dr. Lee very positive. Always feel my teeth and gums are systematically evaluated and cleaned with attention to detail. Highly recommended dental practice.

Beth M

Finally, a dental practice that gives me confidence. I am kept informed of every aspect of my dental health with the latest technology in dental equipment. I see digital pictures and get it all explained both through email and personal conference. I understand the pros and cons of all my decisions with the costs in advance. I am very satisfied.

Robert R

As always my visit to Dr. Lee was painless and pleasant. I have total confidence in her work and would recommend her very highly to anyone. She is keeping my teeth healthy and beautiful. Thanks.

Janet T

"I have been seeing Ms. Debra Castro for teeth cleaning since she started with Dr. Galterio. I followed her to Dr. Cournot's office after Dr. Galterio moved to New Zealand, and am so pleased to have both another excellent dentist and superb hygienist! Ms. Castro is the best -- she has a gentle yet thorough technique, good explanations and positive, upbeat manner! In addition, both Drs. Cournot & Lee checked in with me post-cleaning, even though I was not scheduled for a dental exam. Perfect appointment!" - Apr. 2012                                                                                           "Dr. Cournot conducted a 5-year comprehensive exam with me, reviewing the complete x-rays of my teeth, performing oral cancer and head, neck and jaw examinations, and probing my teeth and gums for cavities and receding gum lines. She was gentle but absolutely thorough, answered every question I had, and reviewed my daily teeth rituals with me. She also asked for suggestions as to how the practice could be improved, and I basically had none! Her staff is lovely, the office is immaculate and beautifully decorated, and she has state-of-the-art equipment at her disposal. I cannot imagine more excellent service. The only negative about the practice is that it does not accept insurance, although the office does complete and submit forms to a patient's insurance company." - Sept. 2012                                                                                             "I was extremely grateful to get an emergency appointment with Dr. Cournot following an accident on the ice skating rink. She gave me a thorough exam at the end of her very busy day, and was most reassuring about the extent of the injury. She also gave me very clear instructions as to how to proceed with my night guard and a liquid diet. I loved the jaw puzzle she used to show me what had probably happened! I felt very relieved and comforted by her manner, and am so grateful that she was there for me!" - Mar. 2013

Michele G

This is the best dental practice i have ever encountered. Not only is Dr. Cournot and her staff beyond friendly, attentive, gentle, knowledgable, and just outright wonderful, but they all contribute to a dental experience that leaves you with a serene feeling as if you just walked out of a spa! Dr. Cournot's bedside manner is something i have never seen. She is very nurturing, highly detail-oriented, patient, and brilliant. The office is beautiful and very convenient to all subway stops. The office staff is totally on-top of things. You can confirm your appointments via text or email. THIS IS A PLACE YOU MUST GO!

Dani S

I have been going to Dr.Cournot and staff for nearly 30 years and have always received high quality care. The dental work is done to perfection and it has lasted all of this time. I am very nervous about visiting the dentist and the staff always tries to ease my fear and make me as comfortable as possible. My most recent visit was fine as always.


"I wish I had found Drs. Cournot and Lee (and their amazing team) years ago! I've learned so much about improving my dental health. All the staff is so friendly and helpful...I look forward to going to the dentist! (If that isn't a recommendation then nothing is). If you don't LOVE your dentist, visit Drs. Cournot and Lee. You will not be disappointed...and your teeth will be better for it!" - Jun. 2012                                                                                                     "Dr.'s Cournot and Lee are amazing, caring, and incredibly talented dentists. I've had 'problem teeth' since childhood. When I moved to NYC I went to what I thought were top-notch (well known) dentists. I wish I had found Dr.'s Cournot and Lee first. Dr's Cournot and Lee care about your overall dental health. They don't (like many other dentists) fix problems, tell you to floss more, and send you on your way. They carefully review your overall dental health. They take the time to educate you on what's going on. They, and their amazing team, get to know you, and it's clear that they care. It's actually a pleasure to go to the dentist. When I tell friends "I love going to the dentist" they think I'm crazy! It goes without saying that their work is superb. They also have an incredible network of resources / other professionals to call upon when needed. If you don't LOVE your dentist, if you want / need cosmetic dentistry, or if, like me you have a history of dental problems, and want the best dental care in NYC, run, don't walk to this practice." - Nov. 2012

Jane A

Everyone I encountered was kind, professional, helpful and patient. I appreciated the time they took to explain the process and recommendations. Terrific experience!

Natalie T

Dr. Lee repaired a chip tooth. I was in and out within 40 minutes, my tooth as good as new. The whole experience was pain-and hassle-free. Thank you!


What a great location you have! Our mutual patients rave about your office.

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